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Fastest and most accurate eye exam I’ve ever had


Extremely friendly and knows his stuff. Fastest and most accurate eye exam I've ever had. Looking forward to coming here for years to come.

- Corina B, Google 2019

I’ve been going to this Doctor for years now!


I’ve been going to this Doctor for years now! He’s awesome! Place has great people skills! That’s always a plus! Thanks Dr. Brown for being so consistent all these years!

- Denisha F, Google 2019

Dr. Brown is an excellent choice if you are looking for an experienced optometrist


I have been a patient of Dr. Brown for over 20 years. He is terrific! His long experience sets him apart from other practitioners. I had an unusual eye condition many years ago, requiring extra attention. Dr. Brown made sure that I received the best care possible. I owe him my gratitude, and I can say without reservation that he is an excellent choice if you are looking for an experienced optometrist.

- Ed M, Google 2019

Dr. Brown has been my whole family’s eye doctor for at least a decade


Great office, friendly staff and Dr. Brown besides being a kind person he is also a superb professional in his field. He has been our (my whole family) eye doctor for at least a decade. While I am alive he is not allowed to retire.

- Al C, Google 2019

I trust him with my eyes completely


I've been going to Dr. Brown for almost 4 years now, and the quality of service has been consistently excellent. There have been some changes to the admin staff, as one would expect, but the standard of service has always stayed high. Dr. Brown has never taken longer than 5 minutes to see me for my appointment, he actively discourages me from wasting money on products and services that would certainly increase his income (but I don't really need), but most of all he gives it to me straight; practical advice and explanations with no jargon. I trust him with my eyes completely, and I'll continue doing so until he retires.

- Wayne J, Google 2019

Retinal Tear – Patient Story

Yesterday, I had a returning patient come in for their eye exam. Last year, I found a horseshoe tear in his retina, which is a big issue that can easily lead to permanent vision loss. Fortunately, this patient got the issue treated thereafter from a retina specialist. This year, I was able to show him digital photos from the optos how the treatment has improved his retina & show exactly how his retina has healed. We can even see the treatment scars that saved this patient's vision.

What's amazing is that after treatment, this is no longer a problem. Even so, this patient definitely knows the value of seeing his optometrist.

Thank you for helping with my dry eyes!

Thank you for helping with my dry eyes. I read the reviews and decided to book my appointment. I've been suffering from dry eyes due to Lasik surgery and weather allergies and too much working on my computer. I have tried LipoFlow twice and had great results. What is LipiFlow? LipiFlow is a treatment device designed for effectively removing blockages from the meibmomian glands, allowing them to properly function and produce the oils that make up the top protective lipid layer of the tear film. It was very relaxing I felt like I was taking a little nap during the procedure and I would highly recommend it if you suffer from dry eyes uncomfortable contact lenses or any dry eye symptoms. The doctor's really personable and explained everything so that I understood what was the cause and how to prevent it and what to expect.

-Tasja W, Yelp review