Lipiflow Treatment

Lipiflow Treatment Dry Eye and Lipiflow QA with Dr. Jeffrey H. Brown


Question: What are the potential causes of dry eye?

Answer: When people are staring at their screens, they are blinking at about 20% of their normal rate. In addition, if they don’t blink fully, their tear-producing glands aren’t engaged, and over time will atrophy and even die, which can cause permanent dry eyes. The root cause is a poor blinking consistency.

Question: What treatments are available for patients at Jeffrey H. Brown Optometry?

Answer: We deal with nutritional and lifestyle changes that can help, and with prescription medications and drops. We are also one of the few practices in Costa Mesa to offer Lipiflow, the gold standard of dry eye treament.

Question: What is Lipiflow?

Answer: Lipiflow is an FDA-approved device that was introduced about a decade ago. It treats and reduces symptoms for dry eye.

Question: How does Lipiflow work?

Answer: We apply computerized eye pieces that warm up a patient’s glands to soften the oils, and then the device works to remove those clogged up oils from the glands.

Question: How often should Lipiflow be performed on a patient?

Answer: The research shows that it can alleviate symptoms for 18 months or more

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