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Dr Jeffrey Brown OD
Dr Jeffrey Brown OD

Dr. Jeffrey Brown

Dr. Brown is a graduate of Southern California College of Optometry and has been in private practice for over 25 years.

He is a member of The American and California Optometric Associations, and involved in Sight for Students VSP.

Dr. Brown lives in Costa Mesa with his wife, Maria and daughter, Aubrey. He is involved with and a supporter of HeiferKiva and They Will Surf Again. When he can get away you can find him surfing or hiking in the Sierras. Recently named Best Optometrist in Orange County by the OC Weekly.

Since he was a freshman in high school Dr. Brown has always participated in sports. He played football in the fall and track & field in the spring competing in the long-jump, sprints, shotput, and discus. He was one of the stronger boys in school and since there were faster athletes he decided to stay with the shotput and discus. He continues to compete in Masters competitions and is currently ranked 6th in the world in the discus.

Dr Brown is aware of the visual demand for athletes. A surfer who needs glasses can be fitted with the right pair of contacts to alleviate the need of wearing prescription goggles, for example. For golfers, there is a golf bifocal, a specific type of progressive glasses designed for the sport. Unlike a standard bifocal with a line in the middle, a bifocal designed for golf can add a small circle in the lens for better visibility. The circle would be placed either to the right or left depending on being right or left handed. These changes in a lens for a golfer can help you see your score card, your phone, or anything up close & not obstruct your swing that requires more distance vision. If you understand a sport, it's easy to see the needs to enhance the experience of swinging a club or a putt.

Patient philosophy There's no way to define a patient philosophy. Rather, I want to know about that patient, what their age is, what' their A1C level if they are diabetic, blood pressure, can they walk, what do they do athletically/physically, what do they do on the computer.  Tell me the specifics, I'll know what I can tell them, but a patient who just walks in the door, I'm going to ask them.

The idea is that every patient is an individual who deserves a tailored, individual solution to better their eye health & general health as well. I want to be considered not simply an eye doctor who examines your eyes but your practitioner & partner to improve your overall health.

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