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25 years ago, Dr. Brown suggested a test that would help solve problems in the future. He saved the test results for 25 years and used them recently to check for problems. He has created custom glasses that reduced my back pains because I can sit normally at my desk. He is the best you can find !
- Steve L.
Why should you see Dr Brown? Most importantly, he's good at what he does. This man knows vision! He and his staff are super friendly, and they keep things moving even with lots of patients around. But somehow you don't feel rushed. Instead, you feel important to him. He listens to your concerns and questions and finds the best possible solution for each patient. This is why I've been going there for years now.
- OK B.
I have been going to Dr. Brown for many years-Excellent, professional vision care, office staff is courteous and helpful, and I will continue to.
- Suzanne S.
Dr. Brown turned my vision around. I've been wearing glasses since I was 9 or 10 years old. I was a veteran of being at the optometrist by the time I met Dr. Brown in my later 20's. I wore my contacts exclusively because my glasses always caused headaches and nausea, feeling bouts of vertigo when I'd opt to wear them instead of my contacts. Thanks to Dr. Brown we found out that it's because previous optometrists would jack up the prescription to try to counteract my astigmatism which just caused worse issues. For the first time since I could remember I could see PROPERLY! I became more and more comfortable wearing glasses instead of contacts, and now wear my glasses almost exclusively. I don't know what would have become of me and my vision had I not found Dr. Brown. I recommend him to anyone, and while I don't live terribly close, I will travel to see Dr. Brown. He's a kind and genuine man, a talented vision expert, and truly a godsend to those with terrible eyesight.
- Kimberly P.
BEDSIDE MANNER IS ALIVE & WELL w/ DR.BROWN I have spent my entire career of 23 years in medical device sales. I interact with surgeons and HCP’s daily and the one thing I always notice is bedside manner. You have to be a patient and compassionate human to go into any health care setting. Also, with managed care reimbursements at low rates (while I am sure many won’t believe this statement), it’s becoming difficult for HCP’s to make a living in line with their level of education and years of dedication to the practice of health care. With all of that said, Dr. Brown is by far one of the finest well educated, compassionate patient, and sincere doctors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Don’t get me wrong. I was a little hesitant to see an eye doctor in a shopping center, but after reading the many positive reviews of stating precisely what I’m saying now, I had to give it a chance. I wanted to support an independent practitioner, especially after post-COVID. I could not recommend Dr. Brown more to anyone reading this. Without question, he will take care of my family and children moving forward, and sincerely hope yours. Dr. Brown’s bedside manner is a dying bread, so I suggest you see for yourself how medicine was once practiced.
- Eric R.
Dr Brown is awesome! I came in for the last appointment of the day and was the last person there on a Friday evening and still felt so welcome in the office. His knowledge was immense and his recommendations were passionate and well explained. He is an absolutely experienced doctor and a compassionate friend. Highlyyy recommended!
- Danial J.
I love Dr. Brown and missed him sorely when I was away at college in Santa Barbara. Only when it is gone do you realize the care he puts into ensuring your vision is perfect and comfortable.
- Kim L.