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I usually Dr hop when my prescription is up for renewal but I was really pleased with Dr. Brown’s expertise and customer service. I have a pretty severe eye injury and he was helpful in finding the right course of action for me. He personally took my call and gave me directions on some at-home treatment options. Highly recommend!
3 months ago
- Kristina L.
Dr. Brown is a Great optometrist! I have been a patient for 25 years. Even though I have moved, I still drive to Costa Mesa for my yearly eye exam! He is honest, knowledgeable, and excellent at what he does!
6 months ago
- Anna T.
My fiancée landed in Costa Mesa for a conference with a little eye pain. Woke up Saturday morning with a full blown eye infection. Gave Dr. Brown a call and he asked us to come into his practice a little earlier than he opened. Upon entering his practice Dr. Brown was nothing but helpful. He gave us a prognosis and helped us address it aggressively. 24 hours and a thousand eye drops later, my fiancée felt so much better, and her eyes were no longer red. Dr. Brown is extremely trustworthy and we are thankful for him!
6 months ago
- Arnold A.
Great caring doctor who will go the extra mile for his patients.
9 months ago
- Tommy D.
The best hands down. Incredibly knowledgeable. Never felt so relieved to have found the best doctor for my eye care. If you need someone exceptionally good, look no further. His staff is wonderful as well!
1 year ago
- Margaret P.
I was so impressed with Dr. Brown’s, professionalism, empathy and level of follow up. I recommend Dr. Brown highly.
1 year ago
- Wade C.
I have been with Dr. Brown since 1985, he is an awesome human, very professional, and I love his staff. He is thorough and honest, and will assist any need pertaining to your eyes. I trust him and his staff with all my eye needs. My whole family sees him and loves him, even my daughter in Seattle calls him from time to time with eye questions. Thank you Dr. Brown!
1 year ago
- Sara F.